LATEST IMPACT: 2024-04-11 Tri-City News deletes claim that “From the river to the sea” was co-opted by Hamas

On April 11, 2024, writing in Tri-City News, journalist Mario Bartel claimed that the protest chant “From the river to sea, Palestine will be free” had been “co-opted” by Hamas. After a CJPME complaint that pointed out such commentary was inappropriate in a news article, as well as it being reductive and inaccurate, the article was corrected.

While this inflammatory and misleading remark was removed, the article still alleges that this chant “has come to sew fear in Jewish communities around the world.” Given that the slogan is widely used by Jewish groups around the world, this comment remains unfair and violates journalistic standards. CJPME is committed to challenging one-sided and harmful portrayals of peaceful protesters in Canada’s media.

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