MAP ALERT!: National Post columnist praises massacre as "brilliant"

The National Post chose to cover this story by running an op-ed that not only argues that the number of civilians killed is overblown but that even if it is the correct number, Israel is justified in killing civilians because most Palestinians in Gaza are complicit in some form or another. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Troy Media publishes another anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic article

Rubenstein asserts that October 7 was a “fanatical desire, rooted in Muslim religious beliefs and buttressed by fake history, to exterminate the Jews of Israel.” This is blatant Islamophobia. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Professor slanders former student for Palestine advocacy in shameful op-ed

Bernstein falsely accuses the speech of being hateful and based on lies, which is simply not true. Dr Gem Newman's speech was fact-based. This is concerning and hurtful coming from a Professor from the valedictorian’s own faculty. Bernstein should side with his students instead of smearing and dismissing them. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: National Post publishes "news" article claiming that Bethlehem isn't in Palestine

One of National Post’s most recent op-eds mislabeled as news claims that referring to Jerusalem and Bethlehem as being in Palestine "rewrites and erases Jewish history." The author, Adrian Humphreys, makes other bold claims that unfortunately conflate anti-Zionism and antisemitism. Please take the time to write to Humphreys and Rob Roberts at National Post to condemn this kind of biased, bigoted, and anti-Palestinian reporting. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: National Post publishes "news" article claiming that Bethlehem isn't in Palestine

Jerusalem, Occupied East Jerusalem in particular, is generally accepted as Palestine’s capital city. Bethlehem is a Palestinian town in the occupied West Bank. Including a quote falsely claiming that Bethlehem and Jerusalem are not part of Palestine signifies the deliberate spread of misinformation or poor research. It also requires a clarification. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Unlike others, Toronto Star stands up for Rafah

Unlike other media outlets in Canada whose Editorial Boards have consistently supported genocide, the Toronto Star Editorial team wrote a principled column about Rafah. While imperfect, it stands in stark contrast to the fanatical writings of outlets like the Globe and Mail or Postmedia's publications. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Howard Levitt showcases his racist prejudgments in his recent op-ed

Financial Post repeatedly states falsehoods to absolve Israel of its responsibility for committing genocide. Some of these falsehoods include his claim that the death toll reported by Gaza’s Ministry of Health isn’t credible; implies that attempts by Israel to avoid civilian casualties are thorough and adequate; reports that Hamas is a terrorist organization and death cult set out to kill all Jews, Christians and all people in England and the United States of America. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Encampment a “caliphate right in the heart of Canada” according to Toronto Sun

The encampment is described in a reductive and offensive manner. Warmington refers to the students encamping as “occupiers,” and uses the words: “border crossing,” “fence,” and “control border-point gate.” Given that the students are also demanding the end of Israel's occupation of Palestinian land, this description is deeply demeaning to student protesters standing up for human rights. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Palestine movement a "genocidal death cult" according to National Post columnist

Ever since October 7, anti-Palestinian racism has been rampant in the media. However, since Gaza solidarity encampments began springing up on campuses around North America, virulent racist columns have become all but normalized. Supporters of Israel's apartheid regime feel the pressure, and they are lashing out.  Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: CTV News Ottawa slanders pro-Palestine demonstrations

CTV News Ottawa’s reporting lacks any context or balance and is exceptionally unfair to pro-Palestine demonstrators. Even the headline gives a negative impression of the protest. This article is a prime example of the problems with Canadian coverage of demonstrations supporting Palestine. Continue reading