MAP ALERT!: Thank the Toronto Star for article on Toronto Palestine Film Festival

We expect that extreme pro-Israel individuals will attack the Toronto Star for its exploration of Palestinian perspectives through this article.  So a strong response in support of the Toronto Star’s Richie Assaly is important.  Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thank CBC Ottawa Morning for interview about slain journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

The broadcaster interviewed Abu Akleh's brother Anton, who at one point states, "There is no reason to target an unarmed journalist holding just a notepad and her pen."  The conversation came ahead of a concert and reception this evening in Ottawa launching the award. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: SaltWire misrepresents Palestinians killed by Israeli forces

As Israel steps up its attacks on the occupied West Bank, certain news outlets are reproducing the false statements of Israeli spokespeople about the casualties from Israel’s latest offensive. This paints a false picture in which Palestinian violence (rather than resistance) is said to have provoked assaults which were, in fact, taken on Israel’s initiative. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thank the Hill Times for reporting on Canada’s effort to block ICJ opinion on Israel

The Hill Times gets strong visibility on Parliament Hill, and we expect that the article will be attacked harshly by pro-Israel groups. So please consider encouraging the Hill Times to continue reporting on these issues. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: CBC UNPUBLISHES interview with Palestinian woman

That CBC would unpublish an interview with a Palestinian woman should be alarming to everyone concerned with media ethics - it is a grave violation.  As of yet, CJPME has yet to receive any satisfactory explanation for why the segment was removed. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Winnipeg Free Press reports on Canadian activists and their work in the occupied West Bank

We expect that the article will be attacked by pro-Israel groups/individuals who would prefer that the language of occupation remain unspoken - so some strong letters in support will help the newspaper hold its ground. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: SaltWire letter denies that children were killed during Israel's military invasion of the Jenin refugee camp

On August 1, Robert Walker of the pro-Israel lobby group Honest Reporting Canada published a letter in The Telegram (a SaltWire newspaper) attempting to justify Israel’s killing of children in Jenin — by claiming that they were not children at all. His argument is dubious, defamatory, and based on false premises. It constitutes a breach of basic journalistic principles, even in the context of opinion. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Global National under attack for reporting on Palestinian struggles

CJPME applauds Goomansingh’s reporting and urges Global National not to cave to Honest Reporting’s pressure campaign. It is essential that media outlets continue to shed light on important issues like the struggles faced by Palestinians. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Toronto Star columnist demands that Canada stand up for Palestinians

This is one of the few articles we see in Canadian media that makes clear Israel’s annexation agenda and that puts forward a challenge to the Canadian government to take decisive action. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: CBC As It Happens broadcasts one-sided interview with Israeli soldier

Robyn Bresnahan, a guest host for CBC’s As It Happens, interviewed Israeli Lt.-Col. Amos Davidowitz on July 24th. Mr. Davidowitz spoke proudly about his time serving Israel’s wars and expressed his commitment to showing up as an army reservist despite his participation in ongoing protests. His perspective was, by all accounts, profoundly one-sided. Continue reading