MAP ALERT!: The Manitoban prints two salient articles on Palestine

On March 21, The Manitoban published two articles on Palestine. The first, “Support for Palestine is crucial” provides an impressive summary of recent Palestinian political history. The second, “Palestinian Awareness Week comes to U of M” describes the struggles Palestinian students and activists have been facing at the University of Manitoba. Printing both of these articles is worth applauding, especially given the contentious environment students are working in. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thanks for highlighting beauty of Palestine

In an account of her travels in Palestine, Safiya Patel shares honest stories about her experiences, including interactions with Israeli soldiers and photographs that depict Palestinian architecture, culture, and some images of the occupation. A snapshot of the beauty of Palestine, as well as the travesty of life under brutal occupation, are effectively captured in words and photographs. Her article, as well as The Varsity’s decision to publish it, deserve thanks. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thanks for including children’s book on Palestinian diaspora

In a list of book suggestions for children in the Globe and Mail, Jeffrey Canton chose to highlight "Homeland: My Father Dreams of Palestine" by Hannah Moushabeck (Chronicle Books, 2023). The book explores the Palestinian diaspora experience in a way that is accessible and relevant to young readers. In a media landscape that often omits or, worse, deliberately silences Palestinian perspectives, it is a welcome addition and should to be celebrated. After a conversation with Mr. Canton, we’ve learned he is already under attack from pro-Israel groups for suggesting this book. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Racist and unfounded depiction of Palestinian chant

The article is premised on claims about Ontario NDP candidate Sarah Jama sourced from pro-Israel advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada, which are entirely related to her history of advocacy for Palestinian human rights. The only specific charge made against her in the article is related to the alleged views of a student organization, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, which she apparently had “ties” to during her time at McMaster. This is an incredibly weak attempt to blame a candidate for things she is not even alleged to have said, and therefore amounts to nothing more than a smear campaign. Continue reading



There are many issues with this shameful op-ed in the National Post from Avi Benlolo.  First, in his discussion about “terrorism,” Benlolo makes no distinction between Palestinian violence against civilians, and Palestinian violence against legitimate military targets like Israeli soldiers.  Second, in very racist fashion, Benlolo dehumanizes Palestinians by asserting they have a “death culture.” Finally, Benlolo ignores Israeli apartheid and occupation when he accuses Palestinians of antisemitism when they attack Israelis.  Overall, Benlolo misleads his reader and ignores important context in this extreme anti-Palestinian racist rant. Continue reading



There are a few issues with this article. First, it fails to provide a single Palestinian perspective for an article which is all about anti-Palestinian racism. Second, the article lacks any discussion or explanation of the meaning of the term, “Nakba,” or what it means for Palestinians; nor does it include a definition of anti-Palestinian racism Continue reading