MAP ALERT!: Gazette article about SPHR's protest is a mouthpiece for pro-Israel propaganda

This article is a blatant example of the type of biased reporting about protests that we strongly oppose. Before Palestinian advocates are allowed to provide their motivations for a protest or blockade, media outlets mention how CIJA and other pro-Israel lobby groups feel about these protests. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Send a letter to National Post criticizing Stephen Harper's anti-Palestinian op-ed

The article morally defends Israel, suggesting that while Israel “could have incorporated all Palestinian territory long ago,” it hasn’t. Israel has belligerently occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since June 1967, threatening to annex it several times in recent years. Claiming that a colonial Israel is morally defensible because it has not entirely annexed Palestine is outrageous. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thank CBC News for prioritizing Elise Gravel's perspective in recent article

After a week of our sending letters to journalists in Canada asking them to improve their coverage of Elise Gravel, CBC has finally published a great article that prioritizes Gravel’s perspective and others who vouch for intellectual freedom and Palestinian liberation. Please help us give a thank you to encourage this type of reporting. Although it's one of the first articles to set the record straight on the Elise Gravel case, some constructive criticism can also be provided to make the article more informative and contextualized. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Challenge G&M for article about Rafah that fails to quote Palestinians

Please help us challenge the Globe and Mail for not giving Palestinians a voice in an article which speaks of Israel's threatened attack on the city. The article also fails to provide important context with respect to Israel’s threatened actions. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thank TorStar for piece about media's role in shaping perception about Muslims & Palestinians

Please help us thank Toronto Star and Faisal Kutty for an excellent opinion piece about the Western media’s role in our perception of Muslims and Palestinians. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Please respond to hate-filled op-ed in Ottawa Citizen

Robert Walker, the author of this op-ed, is a staffperson at a pro-Israel lobby group. Authors of op-eds aren’t held to the same standards as authors of news stories, so we don’t expect the Ottawa Citizen to force Walker to “change” anything in his op-ed. However, we encourage you to send a letter to this hate-filled opinion piece about Gazan refugees in the hopes that we get a few letters published in the Ottawa Citizen Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Toronto Star op-ed highlights medical industry's silence on Gaza

The piece vividly and accurately describes the fatal effects of Israel’s military campaign on the children of Gaza. Paradkar also sheds light on the anti-Palestinian framing Israel uses to justify its genocidal campaign. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Globe & Mail downplays BC Minister's offensive comments about Palestine

An article from the Globe and Mail from Tuesday was constructed in a way which reflects extreme bias against Palestinans.  Please join us in critiquing this article about the resignation of BC’s Minister Selina Robinson following her insensitive comments about Palestine and Palestinians. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Thank CBC for informative and thorough article about the word ‘Human Shield’

Please help us thank CBC and Evan Dyer for informative and thorough article about the word ‘Human Shield.’ Dyer contextualizes its use (and abuse) with the backdrop of the situation in Gaza. Continue reading


MAP ALERT!: Challenge Western Standard for shameful article

"The article’s headline is deeply misleading. The word genocide is in scare quotes despite the word being qualified as a claim. The scare quotes only serve to downplay the well-founded legitimacy of the claim unfairly." Continue reading