Misleading headline claiming command center in Al-Shifa hospital

"The headline of the article mentions that Hamas was using Al-Shifa as a command center. Yet, you don’t give any evidence to support that claim. You just relay the IDF's information about finding an air conditioning mechanism and include their picture and video, not showing anything resembling a command center but tiles, toilets, a sink, and beds." Continue reading


Article reports on biased poll to promote false narrative

"Mr. Braid must certainly understand, and should have made clear in his article, the composition of the many protests across Canada includes many factions. By far the majority of those protesting want the war being waged by Israel to end and wish an immediate ceasefire. These individuals are not pro-Hamas and are not antisemitic. They simply want political difficulties to be resolved by diplomacy and negotiation." Continue reading


Correction nécessaire pour mettre plus de contexte sur la gravité des actions d'Israël

"Votre article est incomplet étant donné qu’il manque quelques éléments de contexte nécessaires pour que vos lecteurs comprennent bien la situation à Gaza et la gravité des actions d’Israël ne respectant pas le droit international humanitaire." Continue reading


One-sided article fails to be accurate about BC’s city’s council chambers protest

"You use the word “angry” to describe the protesters calling for a ceasefire, using the same language that Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke used to describe what was happening in the city council chambers. It makes your article one-sided and unfair since their demands are legitimate and reasonable, considering the seriousness of the events unfolding in Gaza." Continue reading


Re: “I am Jewish - and I want freedom for Palestinians ”

"A shift is needed so that people, from the Muslim or Arab community especially, speaking on behalf of these protests are sufficient enough to not be questioned as being antisemitic or pro-terrorism." Continue reading


Thanks for fairly reporting on Sarah Jama‘s early call for a ceasefire

"As Sarah Jama points out, there was nothing wrong with her statement calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and the end to all occupation of Palestinian land. This statement is in line with members of the international community, including the UN, which has been calling for a ceasefire since October 7, and human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International, that you mention, that recognize Israel as an apartheid state." Continue reading


One-sided article lacks Palestinian perspectives

"Your article only gives voice to Henry Topas, Quebec's regional director of B'nai Brith and a Jewish student, without giving voice to other critical pro-Palestinian voices or perspectives and students who voted for this pro-Palestine policy." Continue reading


Incomplete and biased article fails to include Palestinian perspetives

"Your article is biased as it only gives information about the Israel-based company, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, from the 1940s. Nothing is written about the company’s recent activities or even from 1948 and onwards. The protest is against the Zim of today, not of the 1940s. History matters, of course, but so does the context of the present situation." Continue reading


Lack of precision in whether Canadian MPs visited East or West Jerusalem

"Using the word Jerusalem without specifying if it is East or West Jerusalem adds fuel to the situation. While we still don’t know where the MPs went, it is highly probable that they went to East Jerusalem, as Marco Mendicino tweeted a picture of him in front of the Old City in East Jerusalem." Continue reading


Highly misleading article on Christian Zaarour's post

"While it is not my role to defend Mr. Zaarour — I do not know him nor am I familiar with his broader beliefs — I am concerned that the article obscures a couple of important aspects of the Instagram post." Continue reading