Toronto Star corrects article to credit content taken from Associated Press, cite proper number of illegal Israeli settlers

On March 14, 2023, the Toronto Star published an article by journalist Rob Ferguson about Ontario NDP candidate Sarah Jama, his second on the subject. The article described the attacks against Jama due to her support for Palestinians human rights but failed to cite any Palestinian perspectives on the issue. Further, a CJPME media analyst noticed text plagiarized from an Associated Press article, copied and pasted directly without proper citation. The text also included misleading information about the number of illegal Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT), putting the number at only 500,000 instead of 700,000.

Following CJPME's letter to the Public Editor, the Toronto Star promptly responded acknowledging the editorial mistake. A note was added to the article to resolve the issue, reading “With files from AP.” The text was also amended by removing misleading figures regarding Israeli settlers in Palestine. It now reads “Israel considers the West Bank to be disputed territory and has built dozens of settlements that are now home to roughly 700,000 Jewish settlers, including Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem.”