Toronto Sun publishes Palestinian perspectives on the Nakba, anti-Palestinian racism

Toronto_Sun.pngOn February 19, 2023, the Toronto Sun published an inadequate story about a workshop for teachers in the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation (OSSTF). The workshop was titled “Anti-Palestinian racism: Nakba denial,” and the story focused on complaints from a pro-Israel group who said that the workshop was unfavorable to Israel.

CJPME contacted the Toronto Sun requesting an update to the article, noting that it had failed to “provide a Palestinian perspective nor to explain what the Nakba represents, leaving the reader with a single perspective.” Neither had the article explained what anti-Palestinian racism was. CJPME also noted that the single perspective in the story was from an organization which was hostile to Palestinian narratives and had previously called the Nakba a “fraud.”

On February 28, 2023, the Toronto Sun published a follow-up article which addressed these issues. Titled “CJPME asks for inclusion of Palestinian perspective,” the article provided a definition of the Nakba, and included the definition of anti-Palestinian racism from the Arab Canadian Lawyers Association (ACLA), as CJPME had requested.