Newspapers have published over 40 CJPME Media Responder letters since Oct. 7

Since October 7, 2023, CJPME staff, volunteers, and media responders have published more than 40 letters to the editor in newspapers around Canada. The exact number is likely over 50, but some of the links are no longer accessible to us to confirm. A number of CJPME collaborators have also published op-eds in major papers.

That means we have been publishing about a letter a day since the conflict began. This is a remarkable feat in our effort to balance the narrative that is so often biased against Palestinians.

Special thanks to all of our media responders and congratulations to the following volunteers and responders for their recent publications: Brian Otto, Janice Paquette, Asif Kazmi, David Johnson, Melanie Murray, Debbie Hubbard, William Roberts, Tom Beckett, Dahlia Shuhaibar, Renee Nunan-Rappard, and Grace Batchoun. If we forgot your name, we probably missed your publication — please reach out and let us know!