After CJPME MAP Alert, Globe and Mail corrects article and adds Editor’s note

On November 28, 2023, CJPME confirmed that Globe and Mail corrected false claims in their article, adding a “Includes clarification” tag at the top and an Editor’s note at the bottom. This was after a CJPME MAP Alert.

Previously, the article claimed that a protest at an Indigo bookstore included “antisemitic messages.” This was an inflammatory and untrue claim, as there were no anti-Jewish messages whatsoever. The Globe removed the reference.

Indigo is being boycotted by many Canadians due to the CEO’s charity that provides funding to foreign soldiers who enlist in Israel’s military. CJPME responders also complained about the Globe and Mail’s failure to include this critical context. We are pleased that subsequent articles have included this information.

An editor’s note now reads: “The photo caption above has been updated to clarify that police allege paint and posters were put on windows of the Indigo store in an incident of hate-motivated mischief targeting Jews.” While still a problematic repetition of the Toronto police’s line about their investigation, it is an important example of CJPME’s MAP holding journalists to account.