Toronto Sun forced to walk back fabricated accusations against pro-Palestine protesters

On December 19, 2023, the Toronto Sun was forced to walk back total fabrications made in an article by Joe Warmington. The notorious right-wing journalist accused pro-Palestine protesters of “threatening to kill our police.” Warmington’s article contradicted the Toronto Sun’s own reporting on the incident from the same day, which made clear that one protester at a shopping mall in Toronto had a heated exchange with another person. Police were merely standing between them. Warmington made it sound like a mob of protesters were threatening the police. The police were not the target of threats. The truth was obvious in the video, and the police confirmed that they were not threatened. It was an example of a journalist trying to make a story fit into his pre-existing anti-Palestinian biases.

Warmington’s lies were so rampant that the article was given a new headline and significantly re-written after our complaint. The article no longer makes the false claim that protesters were threatening the police and was toned down. The article still cites numerous Tweets that spread the lie that protesters were threatening to kill police, showing just how rampant misinformation is online and how little accountability there is.