Global News corrects an article following a CJPME complaint

On January 10, 2024, CJPME learned that Global News corrected an article following a CJPME complaint.

The article was about a Toronto pro-Palestine protest, and it claimed that its placement was chosen because it is neighbourhood “with a large Jewish population.”

CJPME’s Fatima Haidar complained that the organizers of the protests released a press statement, “Eglinton-Lawrence & Don Valley 4 Palestine,” which makes clear that the protests are not taking place in the location because it is a “Jewish neighborhood.”

Haidar suggested adding a reference to this press statement and giving voice to the Toronto January 6 protest organizers to counterbalance the critics’ point of view. Haidar added that the press statement also shows that the protests at Avenue Road were part of a larger effort, which included protests at high-visibility sites all over Toronto and Ontario.

Global News added the following paragraphs:

Organizers, however, have said the location of the demonstration was not chosen because of local demographics and said attendees include people of various faiths and backgrounds.

“We are protesting because of its accessibility to us and its visibility,” a statement from Eglinton-Lawrence and Don Valley for Palestine said.

The group said it was following a model used to draw attention to other causes, including the war in Ukraine.

These notable changes seek to make media more accurate and balanced regarding pro-Palestine protests across the country.