CBC makes a change and adds an editor’s note following CJPME letter

On January 30, 2024, CJPME sent a letter to CBC requesting a correction and more balance.

CJPME wrote that the following paragraph is not accurate:

The group Physicians for Human Rights Israel […] published a report in November on the sexual violence based on photos, video and other publicly available online information, as well as its own interviews with eyewitnesses, soldiers and first responders. [emphasis added]

CJPME argued that there were no actual eyewitnesses and to remove the words, as well as its own interviews with eyewitnesses.

On February 7, 2024, following our letter, CBC added the words compiled from various sources and an editor’s note. In this editor’s note, CBC specified that those interviews were compiled from various publicly available sources and not conducted by the group.

This is a significant correction to bring more fairness, balance, and accuracy to Canadian media.