CJPME complaint prompts Montreal Gazette and La Presse Canadienne to improve coverage of UQAM encampment

On May 27, 2024, CJPME wrote to the Montreal Gazette and La Presse Canadienne to alert them about their article on the UQAM encampment which presented a one-sided narrative and failed to provide a fair or balanced perspective by excluding the viewpoints of the protesters and their supporters.

Following CJPME’s complaint about how this was inaccurate, a senior editor responded that they would work on addressing the issue. The following day the article was completely overhauled.  

The changes included the much-needed perspective of pro-Palestine students who were interviewed at the encampment and their view on UQAM’s partial injunction. Jacob Serebrin, the reporter now attributed to the article’s byline, also interviewed, and added perspectives by lawyers Louis-Philippe Lampron who specializes in fundamental freedoms, and Frédéric Bérard. 

CJPME is committed to challenging one-sided and harmful portrayals of peaceful protesters in Canada’s media. We welcome and commend the Montreal Gazette and La Presse Canadienne for their updated reporting.