Re: "For a Party that’s so against discrimination, here’s a lesson Onatrio’s NDP is still struggling to learn"

"Cohn claims that the phrase, 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' is controversial 'because it speaks for liberation from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea – with no Israel to speak of.' The reality, however, is that Israel is the occupying power, ‘from the river to the sea.’" Continue reading


Plagiarized information and one-sided reporting in news segment on Sarah Jama's Palestine activism

"You have also failed to provide any balancing perspective on whether Sarah Jama’s comments are antisemitic and have therefore failed in your journalistic mandate to provide diversity in your news reporting.  By comparison, the Globe and Mail, in an article about Jama and her comments published March 14, cited Independent Jewish Voices which supports Jama, as well as Michael Bueckert of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, who describes the ruckus as a “smear campaign.”"  Continue reading


Problematic coverage of violence in occupied West Bank by CBC's The National

"You end your segment with a problematic claim: 'Militias will make a volatile situation even more combustible.' Why is the recent upsurge in violence blamed solely on the militias? In the context of Israel’s 55-year occupation of the West Bank, its regime of apartheid and its new far-right government which encourages settler attacks, it is more evident to believe that the recent surge in violence is a result of Israel’s actions and policies in the West Bank than young Palestinian militants. In fact, there have been near daily raids by invading Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank where Palestinians are indiscriminately killed. It is simply unfair and unbalanced to claim that it is militias who will make the situation 'more combustible.'" Continue reading


Misleading information plagiarized from AP by Toronto Star

"In an article already plagued by unbalanced reporting (read: citing B’nai Brith but no Palestinian groups), I was shocked to read a clear-cut case of plagiarism in the twelfth paragraph of Ferguson’s article. Besides one word, all of this language is plagiarized directly from the Associated Press." Continue reading


Problematic framing of 'cycle of violence' in the Toronto Star

"There is a problematic framing of a ‘cycle’ (or “round” in this case) of violence between Israel and Palestinians, in which Palestinian attacks on Israelis lead to Israeli raids in Palestine. ‘More attacks, more raids.’ There is an element of truth to this framing, as the actions of either party has consequences, often triggering a response. However, it is deeply inadequate." Continue reading


No mention of occupation in CP24 news segment

"Although the news segment in question is very brief, it is incredibly biased that you fail to mention that the West Bank is militarily occupied by Israel since 1967. In your news segment, you claim that “the militants opened fire on troops near the city of Nablus.” This statement reflects the fact that Israeli soldiers are stationed in the Palestinian city of Nablus as an occupying force. You should also be aware that the UN General Assembly has recently asked the International Criminal Court to determine whether Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories is illegal, given that it has become a de facto annexation. By omitting such important information, you are failing to meet basic journalistic standards." Continue reading


No mention of Palestinian killed in Huwara pogrom on CBC's The National

"There is a significant error in this segment which requires an on-air correction. When describing the Israeli settler attack on the Palestinian town of Huwara (Hawara), you reported that “a mob attacked Palestinian homes and businesses,” but did not mention that 37-year-old Sameh al-Aqtash had been killed by Israeli fire during that attack."     Continue reading


Racist and unfounded depiction of Palestinian chant in Toronto Star

"Jama’s critics (and subsequently, your article) are wildly misrepresenting the meaning of the Palestinian chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which is a simple and legitimate call for freedom for all Palestinians under Israeli rule. Yousef Munayyer writes in Jewish Currents that the chant refers to “a state in which Palestinians can live in their homeland as free and equal citizens, neither dominated by others nor dominating them.” As he writes, “the claim that [it] carries a genocidal intent relies not on the historical record, but rather on racism and Islamophobia.” Continue reading


Inaccurate and misleading characterization of the Israeli army as diverse and inclusive

"Israeli society is made up of approximately 21% of Palestinians, who are marginalized and excluded from receiving any employment, healthcare, education and military benefits. While Israel exercises a policy of mandatory conscription, Muslim, and Christian Palestinian citizens are exempt from military service because they are deemed “disloyal” and “untrustworthy” by Israel. Furthermore, the refusal of Palestinians to join the Israeli army is exemplary of the continued military occupation of Palestinian land including the West Bank and Gaza Strip and their violent treatment of Palestinians. In other words, the military is not inclusive or diverse but segregationist." Continue reading


Israeli casualty figures falsely doubled and Palestinian numbers omitted on CBC As It Happens

"14 Israelis have been killed this year according to The Associated Press. 7 of these casualties occurred during a January 27th shooting in Jerusalem.[i] As such, the number given by Ms. Sommer was a significant error requiring correction ⁠— double the real total during the stated period." Continue reading