Terms of Participation

By signing up as a "Media Responder" for CJPME’s Media Accoutability Project (MAP), I hereby commit to the following terms and conditions throughout my participation:

  • I will support the objectives of CJPME, including it’s mission “to empower Canadians of all backgrounds to promote justice, development and peace in the Middle East, and here at home in Canada.”
  • I will support the three policy pillars of CJPME, that is:
    • Advocating in support for international law
    • Advocating for equal expectations of all parties in conflict
    • Advocating for non-violent solutions
  • I understand that CJPME may highlight my contributions to media accountability on the MAP Website.  I understanding that such content may remain on the MAP Website even if I unsubscribe or cease to participate in MAP activities.  
  • In my role and interactions as a MAP Media Responder:
    • I will refrain from any hateful, abusive or defamatory speech, whether with the media or others
    • I will refrain from making reference to any conspiracy theories about media control
    • I will bring credibility and good will to the media advocacy work of CJPME
    • I will demonstrate respect for individuals in all manifestations of their cultural and linguistic diversity and life circumstances
    • I will respect and give fair consideration to diverse and opposing viewpoints; remaining always polite and professional; never becoming verbally abusive
    • I will demonstrate good faith, prudent judgement, honesty, transparency and openness in my conduct