Toronto Star publishes letter by a CJPME volunteer Media Responder

On June 16, CJPME sent out an MAP Action Alert to our volunteer Media Responders asking them to respond to a mediocre article in the Toronto Star written by Isabel Debre of the Associated Press.

One of our responders, Elizabeth Block, heeded the call and wrote a letter to the Editor which would later be published in print and online. Her letter, entitled “Reporters should talk to actual Palestinians,” reads:

"It’s nice that the Star did not ignore the death of 78-year-old Omar Assad after he was gagged and bound by Israeli soldiers. And it’s good that you said that Israeli soldiers are almost never punished for killing Palestinians, and that the American government doesn’t seem to care when those Palestinians are American citizens. (The Americans are refusing to declassify the report into the killing of Palestinian-American reporter Shireen Abu Akleh.)

But it would have been even nicer if you had talked to actual Palestinians. They might have something to say about the frequency of these abuses, and the fear that they live in every day. Canadians need to know these things, even — especially — my fellow Jewish Canadians."

CJPME applauds the efforts of all of our Media Responders and is proud to highlight their efforts. You can read Ms. Block’s letter in a print copy of the June 26th edition of Toronto Star or read it online.

You can sign up to be a MAP Media Responder here.