CJPME’s Letter to the Editor-in-Chief pressured the National Post to finally report on Rafah

On May 27, 2024, CJPME wrote a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of the National Post Rob Roberts to alert them concerning the fact that they had zero of reporting on Israel’s genocidal actions in Rafah despite an endless stream of articles focused on Hamas and recounting the Israeli perspective of the events on October 7.

Following a strongly worded letter by CJPME’s about this blatant double-standard, the following day the National Post posted one article addressing the dire situation in Rafah. 

Although deeply problematic in its framing of events and whitewashes Israel of any guilt, the article includes objective facts that even the National Post cannot deny.  One, the ICJ ruling has prompted calls for Israel to abide by the ICJ ruling and stop its military operation.  Second, the horrors in Gaza are undeniable, even for the pro-Israeli lobby. The situation is not asymmetrical.

CJPME is committed to challenging double standards in the media and ensure that they inform their readers of what’s happening on the ground in Gaza.