False narrative in article regarding ceasefire between Israel and militants in Gaza by CHCH Morning Live

Your story pins the responsibility for these attacks — which killed numerous children and other innocent civilians — on Gazan militants due to apparent “rocket launches” that Israel was responding to. What rocket launches are you referencing? The last rocket launches from Gaza happened on May 2, which Israel had already responded to, as reported by the Associated Press. Early on May 3 following the exchange of violence, a ceasefire went into effect that was agreed to by both sides.

On May 9, Israel unilaterally violated the ceasefire that had been reached a week earlier. Unprovoked, Israel launched an airstrike that killed 13 Palestinians in Gaza on Tuesday alone. This included 4 children and 6 other civilians. Israel breaking the ceasefire is what led to the risk of an “all-out war” as you referred to it.