Thank you The Independent for your informative article on student encampments across Canada

"Ms. Rollmann gives voice to the protesters at the MUNL encampment as well as their intention through her reporting. She humanizes the students and their right to freedom of speech. She shows the solidarity amongst the student body whether they are from MENA (Middle Eastern North African) or other marginalized communities. This illustrates the diversity of voices within the encampment rather than a monolithic mob, a theme often used by other reporters." Continue reading


Thank you Toronto Star for providing a factual and informative article on the Indigo 11

Ms.Paradkar presents a diversity of sources from both the police, Canadian Courts, and most importantly, the pro-Palestinian protesters who were heavily impacted by the escalations of the police. Too often, demonstrators and organizers are brushed aside and their accounts not taken seriously by journalists Continue reading


Thank you shedding light on the cost to women advocating for Palestinian rights

The pursuit for Palestinian liberation here in Canada is fraught with risks and adversity. Your article highlighted the backlash women, and especially women from racialized groups, face for taking a stand or expressing an opinion on Palestinian liberation. Continue reading


Hamas shouldn't be unquestionably referred to as a terrorist organization in a news article

If Canada’s attribution is the reason you’ve made a broad-brush generalization of Hamas as a terrorist entity, then that needs to be made clear in your article. Otherwise, your vocabulary insinuates a moral judgment, which is inappropriate in an article labeled “local news.” Continue reading


Article does not explain the intentions behind university encampments

Your article must be revised to accurately portray the motivations of the protesters and to include the terrible circumstances of Palestinians in Gaza who are being targeted and killed. This kind of information is essential to have fair coverage of the pro-Palestinian encampments, and I trust you will consider them for future reporting. Continue reading


Article fails to fully quote Christian Lindmeier affirming that the overall Palestinian death toll is accurate

"Nothing wrong with the data, the overall data (more than 35,000) are still the same," said WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmeier at a Geneva press briefing in response to questions about the toll. "The fact we now have 25,000 identified people is a step forward," he added. Continue reading


Nakba marks the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, not their "displacement"

Unfortunately, this highly sanitized, ambiguous language to explain the Nakba is inappropriate. “Displacement,” as you write, doesn’t begin to describe even one component of the ethnic cleansing that led to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. About 700,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled, 15,000 were massacred, roughly 500 Palestinian towns were destroyed, and Israel stole 4,244776 acres of Palestinian land. Continue reading


CP article in CBC scrubbed of reference to Jewish Defense League, a terrorist organization

Why has CBC Montreal scrubbed the article to remove reference to an extremist, right-wing, terrorist group showing up to intimate student protesters? Canadian audiences have been bombarded with allegations of pro-Palestine protesters being the threat, but when a pro-Israel terror group shows up to intimate protesters, the media downplays the incident Continue reading


Re: "Why student encampments and protests should be encouraged"

As he also rightly mentions, instead of repressing and restraining university demonstrations, they should be engaged with constructively, as the way they are dealt with by authorities truly exposes the nature of governance whether they are democratic or authoritarian. Continue reading


35,000 Palestinians have been killed, not "thousands"

"Over 35,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel since Oct. 7, not “thousands.” Further, attributing the death toll to an ambiguous “seven-month war” muddles reality and leaves the perpetrator of these war crimes unnamed. Please specify that Israel has killed over 35,000 Palestinians since the start of its military offensive on Gaza." Continue reading