Palestinians in Gaza aren't facing "food insecurity," they're facing forced starvation

"Your language subtly undermines the scale of starvation and dehydration in the Strip. Earlier in the article, CBC outlines allegations that starvation of civilians is being used by Israel as a method of warfare. Yet, when CBC describes starvation in Gaza in its own terms, it settles for “catastrophic food insecurity.” The starvation, dehydration, and malnutrition preceding a famine do not fall under the scope of “food insecurity.” Palestinians in Gaza are not “food insecure.”"   Continue reading


Article about queerness in Occupied Palestine pinkwashes Israeli apartheid

"In place of testimonies provided by Palestinians who identify as LGBTQIA+, you’ve relied on your “Israeli interviewees to share their insights on them.” For a journalist to rely on perspectives provided by citizens of an occupying (“oppressor”) force concerning the perceived queerness or homophobia of the occupied (“oppressed”) is fundamentally irresponsible. Further, only interviewing gay Israeli men, the majority of whom are in the IDF, to deliver a well-rounded account of why queer activism in support of Palestine is illogical or contradictory, is unintelligent and careless." Continue reading


Article about rail blockade omits testimonies from protesters

"Whether this is a deliberate exclusion, or the result of inadequate research, it is poor journalism. This article is misleading as written and must be edited immediately to maintain minimum standards of objectivity." Continue reading


"Gun battle" doesn't describe power imbalance between Israel and Hamas

"The term “gun battles” suggests a firefight involving only small arms, which downplays the power imbalance between Israel, an occupying power, and Palestinians, an occupied people who has the right to resist under international law. The context of the conflict within the Gaza Strip involved a mix of urban warfare,  guerrilla tactics, and rocket fire." Continue reading


Selective reporting regarding Israeli captives in Gaza

"The article's framing is problematic the Associated Press absolves Israel of its responsibility for killing some of its own citizens in Gaza and obscuring an important part of this story. This context should be added, as it provides a more balanced and thorough understanding of Israel’s military invasions in Gaza. Israel’s tactics have not only been condemned by parties concerned about genocide, but also by the families of hostages concerned about their relatives being killed due to the dangerous tactics employed by Israel’s military." Continue reading


Stop dehumanizing pro-Palestinian protesters

"CJPME demands that reporting on pro-Palestinian protesters by the CBC does not dehumanize them in the process. Mr. Fraser’s report should make it clear that the attack by the counter-protester was unjustified. His use of force is a clear act against freedom of speech and a threat to all Canadians who want to exercise their inherent right to voice their opinion." Continue reading


"Shadowy hospital" in news article actually refers to an Israeli torture camp

"Using the term “patient” to refer to Palestinians who were forcibly taken captive and subsequently treated for injuries is a dangerous euphemism that obfuscates the fact that Israel is 1) holding these individuals captive and wrongfully detaining them and 2) “treating” injuries the Israeli military as almost certainly inflicted." Continue reading


Israeli extremists are marching through occupied East Jerusalem, not "Palestinian area"

"AP is quick to label unconfirmed cases of chants calling for “death to Jews” as antisemitic, but will only refer to extremist Israelis chanting “death to Arabs” as nationalists or ultranationalists." Continue reading


Why not mention censorship when explaining the symbolism behind the inverted red triangle used by pro-Palestinian demonstrators?

"Since Palestinians could not show and express their nationalism through flag raising, watermelon became a more subversive method because it used colors reminiscent of the Palestinian flag. The same logic can be applied to people using the inverted red triangle." Continue reading


Unfair statements about Toronto4Palestine should be updated

"It is abundantly clear that Toronto4Palestine did not deny the holocaust or that Hamas was responsible for October 7 but referred to misrepresentations of the Nakba by Israel and media falsehoods about October 7 in its almost 7-month-old now deleted post. To bring this up here is hard not to read as a bad faith and unnecessary smear on a leading pro-Palestine group in Toronto, especially without links to their statement or any real sense of the controversy and apparent misunderstanding." Continue reading