Thanks for featuring art exhibition commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nabka

"I was especially happy to see that you highlighted the art exhibition The Mathematics of the Palestinian Nakba75 curated by Palestinian architect Antoine Raffoul. It was insightful to listen to Antoine’s story about fleeing to Lebanon from Haifa with the bare necessities – an experience shared by many Palestinians who were forced to leave their rightful lands. The exhibition – based on the possessions Antoine’s father was able to carry and recover is an important documentation of the dispossession and systemic violence endured by Palestinians. It is also a testament to the history and deep connection that Palestinians have to their homeland." Continue reading


Failure to specify that East Jerusalem and the Old City are occupied Palestinian territory

"Both Israel and the Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital city, and East Jerusalem (which includes the Old City) is considered occupied Palestinian territory under international law. This is not an opinion but a matter of a settled consensus at the international level, as confirmed by the United Nations Security Council, the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, and the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention. Similarly, the Canadian government does not recognize Israel's unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem but considers the territory to be occupied."   Continue reading


Article on far-right "Jerusalem Day" march leaves out that East Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian territory

"You fail to mention that the flag march, held in Jerusalem’s Old City, is considered occupied Palestinian territory according to international law. This is the central controversy surrounding the march, as Israeli nationalists are marching in protest of international law [...] Without including the context of occupation, you are omitting essential information from your story and misleading your listeners into assuming that Jerusalem’s Old City is located within Israel’s recognized borders." Continue reading


Thanks for fair coverage of Israeli apartheid and calling for action from Canadian leaders

"This letter accurately covers the horrific Huwara Pogrom, Israel’s settlement expansion policy, the racism of Israel’s finance minister Bezalel Smotrich and Israel’s minister of national security Itamar Bcn-Gvir, as well as the IHCR report on Israeli apartheid. It moreover calls for Canadian leaders to take proactive measures to help the Palestinian people and speak out against Israeli apartheid." Continue reading


Palestinian perspectives erased from article about Nakba event

"The headline change, resulting in the replacement of the world “expulsion” with “displacement” downplays the fact that Palestinians were forced from their land and homes, and creates a factually inaccurate portrayal of the 1948 Nakba. By the time the State of Israel was declared on May 14, 1948, over 200 Palestinian villages had already been “emptied as people fled in fear or were forcibly expelled by Zionist forces, and approximately 175,000 Palestinians had been made refugees." Plan Dalet, adopted by Zionist forces in April 1948 sought to expel Palestinians and destroy, and depopulate Palestinians villages, resulting in at least 750,000 Palestinians forcibly expelled between 1947 and 1949."  Continue reading


Merci d'avoir inclut la perspective palestinienne de la Nakba

"Merci d'avoir inclut la perspective palestinienne de la Nakba. Pour les Palestiniens, ce moment de fête, de célébrations du sionisme et de la création d'Israël est un moment très sombre qui leur rappelle le fait que l'occupation militaire a commencé en 1967 est toujours active, de plus en plus active même." Continue reading


False assertion that Israeli airstrike on Gaza was in response to militant rocket fire

"Simply put, there were no rocket launches fired from Gaza. The last rocket launches from Gaza happened on May 2, which Israel had already responded to, as reported by the Associated Press. Consequently, on May 3 following the exchange of violence, a ceasefire went into effect that was agreed to by both sides." Continue reading


No mention of the ongoing consequences of the Nakba

"Palestinians continue to suffer from the settler-colonial and apartheid policies practiced by Israel. Palestinians in the occupied territories continue to endure ongoing ethnic cleansing through the forced expulsion in Sheikh Jarrah and Masafer Yatta, home demolitions in East Jerusalem, and daily military raids and violence. Israel also restricts Palestinian access to water, electricity, freedom of movement, healthcare, and family reunification. Moreover, Palestinians are subjected to racist and discriminatory laws that are preferential to Israeli Jews, creating a system of apartheid, as confirmed by international organizations including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN experts, and Israeli and Palestinian NGOs." Continue reading


Thanks for covering Winnipeg rally in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Nakba

"I was glad to see this segment which covered a rally organized by Palestinian Winnipeggers near the Manitoba legislature to commemorate 75 years of the Nakba, and the dispossession and violence that the Palestinian people have endured. I especially appreciated your interviews with members of the local Palestinian community, including Rana Abdulla, the founder of the Canadian Palestinian Association of Manitoba." Continue reading


Thanks for shedding light on the experiences of Gazans under Israeli airstrikes

"It is rare to read a story from a civilian perspective on war in Canadian mainstream media. Even if far outside the personal experience of the reader, Mr. al-Mughrabi  allows us to see Gazans for once not as statistics but as people, who try to keep the family safe in a place where there is no shelter and no safety, while coping with frightened children who can’t sleep because of the noise and shaking." Continue reading