Failure to provide context of Israel's military occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank

"Hamas does play an important role in Gaza in the same way that an inmate in a prison cell has a certain autonomy in his own cell. Nevertheless, just as it is the prison warden who is truly in control of the prison, Israel is truly in control of what happens in Gaza. Hamas does not control who or what goes in and out of Gaza, and any influence it may have over energy, water, airspace, cell access, etc. is at the pleasure of Israel – the occupying power." Continue reading


False claim that Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in "Israel" by CityNews

"Your news segment incorrectly refers to the celebrations in 'Israel' when they are in occupied East Jerusalem, which is considered occupied Palestinian territory according to international law [...] Further, while referring to worshippers as Christians is correct, you are erasing their identity as Palestinian Christian worshippers living under Israeli occupation. It is crucial to describe Christian worshippers as ‘Palestinian’ in order to provide important context for the listeners." Continue reading


Thanks for segment on ScotiaBank’s investment in unethical Israeli weapons company

"Thank you for your segment Saturday on ScotiaBank’s outsized investment in Elbit Systems entitled, “Activist investors question Scotiabank’s outsized investment in a controversial Israeli weapons company.”  The segment asked some great questions and helped the listener understand some important issues." Continue reading


Re: "Illusions of Separation offers immersive experience, food for thought at Cultural Centre"

"Palestinian perspectives are often deliberately silenced and excluded from Canadian public discourse, and the inclusion of voices like Hejazi is a positive start to educating the Canadian public about Palestinian culture and art. Highlighting Hejazi’s art and sharing her perspective helps valorize the experiences of Palestinian-Canadians." Continue reading


Re: "Is a potential civil war brewing among Israeli Jews?"

"Thanks to Rick Salutin for his insightful piece, “Is a potential civil war brewing among Israeli Jews?”  Salutin collapses a lot of history and religious lore into his piece, and provides an insightful read for people wanting to understand how Israel arrived at its current political and societal crisis." Continue reading


Re: “Incompréhension ou mauvaise foi ?”

"Il n'y a plus d'organisations de défense des droits de la personne mondialement connues et respectées qui ne reconnaissent pas l'apartheid israélien. Il ne s’agit donc pas d’incompréhension ou de mauvaise foi." Continue reading


Thanks for quoting CJPME & IJV in coverage of IHRA controversy at the UN by Toronto Star

"You rightfully call attention to criticism of IHRA in its use to repress and silence Palestine activism. It is very critical for Canadian audiences to be aware of this criticism seeing as IHRA has been adopted in many forums with little or no debate. Unfortunately, it has subsequently been used to undermine the free expression of many activists and human rights organizations fighting for Palestinian rights." Continue reading


Failure to mention the Nakba and Israel's military occupation of the West Bank

"The brief summary omits any mention of the Nakba ("catastrophe" in Arabic), when approximately 750,000 to 1 million Palestinians were expelled from their homes by Zionist militias and internally displaced to the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Thus, UNRWA was created in 1949 to help facilitate and provide services to this displaced population. Moreover, the reason that the agency continues to exist today is because Israel refuses to allow those refugees the right to return, in violation of international law." Continue reading


Palestinian voices highlighted in news coverage of Windsor protest and community fundraising efforts

"Your TV segment shows jarring yet important footage of Israeli soldiers beating and attacking Palestinian civilian worshippers. It is very important for Canadian audiences to be aware of the horrific acts perpetrated in occupied Jerusalem by Israeli forces and how the Palestinian community in Canada is responding to these human rights violations. I am also very pleased to see that you accurately describe East Jerusalem as 'occupied' in your TV segment which I have previously written to you about. It is crucial to provide the context of occupation when reporting on events in the region." Continue reading


CBC falsely asserts that Gaza is "not occupied" by Israel

"On April 5, 2023, a CBC Radio presenter on the World at Six accurately described the Gaza Strip as 'occupied,' as part of an excellent series on recent events in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. The following day, however, CBC aired an erroneous correction which claimed: 'Last night, we made a reference to the Gaza Strip being ‘occupied.’ The territory is not occupied, but rather has its borders controlled by Israel and Egypt.' Unfortunately, with this on-air 'correction,' CBC presented a statement of opinion as a statement of fact. Contrary to what CBC has asserted, the international community overwhelmingly views the Gaza Strip as occupied by Israel. This error must be acknowledged with an on-air correction." Continue reading