CBC article on MUN encampment not fully contextualized

"These passages fail to mention Israel's responsibility in Yazan Kafarneh's death, given its blockade of aid and destruction of Gaza's infrastructure. Ms. Cole’s omission downplays the fact that Yazan was a victim of intentional starvation as a weapon of war, a tactic used by Israel’s settler-colonial project built on apartheid and the suffering of Palestinians."  Continue reading


Winfield's recent article is riddled with factual inaccuracies and racist undertones

"Fragmentation of Palestinian land, dispossession of land and property, segregation and control of Palestinian movement and placement, and deprivation of their economic & social rights, according to Amnesty International, have sustained the apartheid system and maintained a Jewish demographic majority in Palestine. Zionist militias violently massacaring 15,000 Palestinians, forcibly expelling over 700,000, and destroying 500 Palestinian towns echoes the belief that one’s country, people, religion or race is inherently superior to the group being attacked, to use your language." Continue reading


Re:“Monastiriakos: uOttawa encampment — thinking your cause is just doesn't make your actions legal”

"It is ill-intentioned of Monastiriakos to blame students for breaking the law when they are asking their institutions and countries to respect the law. Maybe Monastiriakos should instead start by blaming our State." Continue reading


Factual error during CTV News radio broadcast requires correction

"The article quotes a law student who says the Netanyahu’s effigy was 'wearing concentration camp attire.' However, journalist Rachel Lau clarifies that he was actually in 'horizontal black and white prison-like garb,' which is true. Unfortunately, on CJAD 800, it was reported as a fact that Netanyahu was 'wearing black and white concentration camp attire.'" Continue reading


Articles about antisemitism fails to mention APR, but mention antisemitism in articles about APR

"When one digs deeper and looks at every “anti-Palestinian racism” article published since October 7 (23 results), one will find that in almost every case (15 results), it also mentions “antisemitism” or “anti-Semitism”. This represents a double standard." Continue reading


Sloppy reporting by Paul Cherry on McGill student encampment

"CJPME believes the article's one-sided reporting fails to meet the standards of journalistic integrity. It does not address the arrest warrant for Netanyahu for war crimes, including genocide. While the effigy may be a crude form of freedom of expression, it reflects the anger and frustration of those suffering under Israel's siege on Gaza. The absence of this context shows a clear double standard." Continue reading


The Whig Standard article regurgitates Israeli talking points

"Saying that the 'death toll in Gaza has been the subject of significant debate' is disingenuine as it seems to be a talking point relied on by Israel in media outlets, such as a May 12, National Post article: United Nations halves estimate of women and children killed in Gaza, and May 16 Toronto Star article: The death toll in Gaza is enormous. A sudden shift in UN numbers reveals the true count is another source of conflict." Continue reading


Article in the Globe and Mail is highly selective in its reporting of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas

"Ms. Mendick's extremely selective framing of her story evokes empathy for the hostages while omitting the fact that there are instances where Israel has killed its own citizens." Continue reading


Thank you Orillia Matters for publishing Letter on Gaza

Mr. Chaudhuri's conscientious choice of precise languageand commitment to providing context to help readers understand the current situation inPalestine. It is essential to recognize that Canadian media often frames Palestinianretaliatory actions as terrorism without providing the underlying realities of Israel’s 75brutal occupation of Palestine, Israel’s blockade of Gaza, and Israel’s illegal settlements inthe occupied West Bank. Continue reading


National Post's EIC Rob Roberts Failure to Report on Rafah Should Weigh Heavily on His Conscience

"While the National Post has published an endless stream of articles focused on Hamas firing rockets at Tel Aviv which did barely any damage and thousands of articles solely recounting the Israeli perspective of the events on October 7, it is baffling that there has been no mention of the recent massacre of civilians in Rafah today" Continue reading