Factual error in Barbara Kay's latest op-ed

"While Kay complains about “toxic femininity” in Western feminism, this is what she exudes with her opinion piece. Her islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism are just all too normalized and harmful while she provides no evidence to back any of the claims she makes." Continue reading


Re:“Tolerance for protest tactics relates to sympathy for the cause”

"So, universities allowing encampments on campus is not about them “rejecting ultimatums” or “rewarding tactics” as Breakenridge presents it, it’s about students exercising their protected right of protest and students and universities complying with their moral obligation of stopping genocide." Continue reading


Reference to Palestinian solidarity and song name erased

"I do not understand how citing the intention of the song (being in solidarity with Palestinians) and introducing its name (“RIVER 2 THE SEA”) could possibly violate CBC’s standards. I believe any argument suggesting it does would rely on an unfair interpretation that represents a double standard against Palestinians. It is unimaginable that CBC would go to lengths like this if an artist had made a song in “solidarity with the people of Ukraine” for instance." Continue reading


Factual inaccuracies and Misrepresentations on UN Gaza Casualty Estimates

"The National Post neglected to mention that the new figures included in the UN brief represent fully identified casualties, not a revision or reduction of previous estimates.Their headline is false and must be changed. The claims in the article that reflect this problematic headline also require clarification" Continue reading


Passive language in reporting on the genocide in Gaza

"Mentioning that civilians are “uninvolved” casts guilt on Palestinians when they are protected at all costs under international law. It should not have been written in the first place." Continue reading


Nakba day is not the day where people grieved the foundation of Israel

"This is an inappropriate and reductive way to introduce a discussion about Nakba Day. Palestinians are not “mourning the foundation of Israel” but massacres of ancestors, the loss of their homeland, and other particularly sensitive subject matter. It is also a day to recognize the existence of Palestine, and to portray the topic in such a slanted way is a form of anti-Palestinian racism since it negates the existence of Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel and the horrors that the establishment of the State of Israel entailed." Continue reading


Re:“Canada let Hamas off the hook in the latest UN vote on Palestinian statehood”

"Surely, Canada’s policy in the Middle East cannot be based on the faint hope that Hamas[Israel] would one day renounce violence and recognize Palestine’s right to exist." Continue reading


One-sided article fails to include Palestinian voices

"It's evident that the article lacks balance, failing to fairly present the opposing viewpoint critical of the plausible genocide unfolding in Gaza. These protests primarily aim to stop the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians, mostly women and children, and this should have been given more space in such an article." Continue reading


Article consistently refers to Palestine as "modern-day Israel"

"Considering this lack of responsiveness and accountability, I am curious whether there is a more useful contact at the Associated Press. If so, please pass it on. If not, I would appreciate verbal confirmation that the Associated Press is not interested in feedback and criticism for improved reporting." Continue reading


Biased description of Gaza solidarity encampments

"It is unclear to me why CTV News Calgary decided to replace the already reductive “pro-Palestine” qualifier with the outright biased and inappropriate “anti-Israel.” Ultimately, it would be more fair and accurate to refer to the encampment as a Gaza solidarity encampment." Continue reading