Misleading headline and lack of context regarding the death of a Palestinian man and the Israeli military blockade of Al-Mughayyir

"You omit that the village of al-Mughayyir has been under a blockade by Israeli military forces for over 2 weeks. According to Wafa News Agency, the Israeli army has sealed the two entrances of al-Mughayyir for over 14 days, preventing Palestinians villagers from entering or leaving, and forcing them to take long rough roads to reach their destination. This blockade further restricts Palestinians’ freedom of movement who already face restrictions through fixed checkpoints, settler-only roads, and other physical obstructions." Continue reading


Re: "Israeli cabinet minister’s unofficial visit comes amid strained relations"

"The current Israeli political leadership is packed with racists and homophobes like Chikli and Cohen; it’s a government that Canada should have nothing to do with.  The Trudeau government must, once and for all, declare a boycott of Israel’s extreme right-wing leadership." Continue reading


Far-right Israeli Diaspora Affairs minister's anti-Palestinian and racist views omitted

"Chikli and his far-right government present serious harms to many different groups of people, and Palestinians cannot be left out of this conversation. As a people under Israeli occupation and apartheid, the Palestinians must be included in all reporting on this subject." Continue reading


Re: “Israeli cabinet minister’s unofficial visit comes amid strained relations”

"Dylan Robertson’s article titled 'Israeli cabinet minister’s unofficial visit comes amid strained relations' brings attention to a controversial, unofficial visit by Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli over his collaboration with far-right Christian groups in Toronto. While Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly has criticised Chikli’s visit over its unofficial nature and requested that he meet with the Canada-Israel Parliamentary Group, Canada should be more concerned with welcoming and meeting with an extremist, far-right minister." Continue reading


Reportage biaisé et absence de point de vue palestinien sur la production de vin dans les colonies israéliennes illégales

"Néanmoins, j'ai été déçu que vous n'ayez pas réussi à respecter l'éthique journalistique de l'équilibre dans vos reportages.  Par exemple, alors que vous avez mentionné les Israéliens qui ont été tués ou blessés par la violence palestinienne, vous n'avez pas mentionné les Palestiniens qui sont tués ou blessés par les Israéliens - en nombre et en ampleur bien plus importants au fil du temps." Continue reading


Important information omitted about BDS omitted in article about Canadian Union of Postal Workers' lawsuit in The Canadian Press

"I appreciate how you describe CUPW’s support of a boycott of Israeli products, but the description is limited in a couple of ways. The campaign that CUPW endorsed is more than a boycott, and it is a response to the mistreatment that Palestinians face as a whole, including refugees and Palestinian citizens of Israel (not just those in the occupied Palestinian territories)." Continue reading


Re: "Postal workers’ union settles defamation lawsuit with B’nai Brith"

"Their case is just one example of how organizations and activists who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people are often unfairly targeted and defamed by being falsely accused of antisemitism or supporting terrorism." Continue reading


Re: “Nakba column offers whitewashed view of past and present”

"The target of Walker’s attack, Chidiac, made the uncontroversial point that “before European colonization,” modern-day Palestine and its surrounding territories under the Ottoman Empire were generally defined by the peaceful coexistence of many religions including Christians, Muslims, and Jews. This is especially true in comparison to other empires in the world at that time, especially those in Europe. It’s by no means a fringe point and represents a mainstream conclusion among historians today." Continue reading


Re: “If Canada wants a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council, it needs to step up on its own record”

"Ghayyur draws particular attention to Canada’s trade relationship with India, which has continued to grow despite India’s worsening treatment of its Muslim population. Equally noteworthy, however, is Canada’s friendly relationship with Israel, which has been committing crimes against humanity for more than 75 years. In fact, in 2023 alone, Israeli forces have killed over 180 Palestinians, many of them children. Canada’s free trade agreement with Israel only fuels Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian people and their land. Canada has also decided to 'boycott' the UN’s High-Level Special Committee Meeting on the 75th Commemoration of the Nakba." Continue reading


Limited and misleading coverage of home demolition in the Toronto Star

"In past articles, you have done more to explain to the reader what collective punishment is and the impact it has on Palestinians. It is a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as many other international laws. Please provide readers with a definition of collective punishment that makes reference to international law." Continue reading