Imbalance and inaccuracies favoring Israel in recent article about UN inquiry

"While the article does state that The Commission reports that “Israel obstructs its work and prevented investigators from accessing both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories,” the extent of Israel’s noncompliance is not adequately conveyed, thus giving readers the false impression that the burden of proof has been met equally by Israel and Palestine." Continue reading


Associated Press Stop framing Genocidal Maniacs as Centrist Politicians in Your Headline

"According to Al Jazeera, in his 2019 campaign for the Israeli parliament, Gantz released a video showing black-and-white images of destruction in Gaza from a campaign he oversaw as army chief of staff, claiming he wants to send Palestinians “back to the Stone Age.” Analysts believe Gantz would not necessarily change Netanyahu’s policies, which have led to a record number of Palestinian killings and the entrenchment of occupation in the West Bank. He has also led two wars on Gaza and designated Palestinian human rights organizations as “terrorist” groups, showing he is unlikely to improve the situation for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. Given his track record, it’s incorrect to label Gantz as a moderate."  Continue reading


Immediate correction needed: The West Bank is occupied, not "disputed"

"It’s clear that you are referring to Elizabeth May’s trip to the occupied West Bank in 2018. Referring to parts of occupied Palestine as “disputed territories,” is factually incorrect, legally unfounded, and undermines Palestinians’ legitimate indigenous claim to Palestine." Continue reading


Front burner podcast could have better contextualized the discussion around Zionism

"Israel’s behaviour these past eight months has rightly triggered international outrage, and such outrage should not misrepresented by a CBC podcast.  Ms. Poisson should have done much better in ensuring that such context entered the discussion fairly." Continue reading


Stop Whitewashing Israel’s Crimes in Gaza

"At least 60 per cent of the deaths are civilian, with a proportion of the male death toll likely driving that percentage up considerably. Over 10,000 Palestinian victims remain unidentified due to the collapse of the health care system and other restrictions." Continue reading


Pro-Palestine perspectives buried until the very end of article

"It is the journalist’s responsibility to accurately represent both sides of the story, which means you have to mention the motivations behind the student protests, which stem from Israel’s indiscriminate bombings of Palestinians in Gaza." Continue reading


Summary of the genocide in Gaza parrots the perspective of Israel rather than being neutral

"A more balanced account would reflect these stark differences in perspective and mention the decades of Israeli military occupation of Palestine. It would only require a brief sentence to this effect to balance your coverage meaningfully." Continue reading


Headline omits the fact that hate crime in question is a case of anti-Palestinian racism

"By making the assumption that this incident is Islamophobic, you are minimizing both the suffering of Palestinians and the adversity that their advocates face for expressing solidarity. While Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism are linked, APR is a distinct form of hate that deserves clear coverage." Continue reading


Stop Whitewashing Israel’s Crimes in Gaza

Important context is excluded, including Israel striking, murdering and displacing Palestinians in Rafah refugee camps, the IDF’s recent slaughter of Palestinians in the Nuseirat refugee camp, and the Al-Shifa hospital massacres that happened in November and in March where Caroline El-Khalidy worked.   Continue reading


National Post article is riddled with anti-Palestinian racism

"Conflating these slogans as antisemitic, we believe, meets the legal definition of anti-Palestinian racism as defined by the Arab Canadians Lawyer Association. Anti-Palestinian racism dehumanizes Palestinians and their allies, slandering them as inherently antisemitic for criticizing Israel or opposing the state’s political actions such as committing a genocide in Gaza." Continue reading