Since when is standing up against apartheid, genocide, colonization and state violence antisemitic?

"Accusations of antisemitism against Hamas’s new charter cannot be made that easily. Yet, you choose to mention their 1988 charter to accuse it of anti-Semitism and, again, further your point that the Edmonton Pride Center has praised them and that it’s being antisemitic. Please remove this sentence from your article, as it is not relevant and accurate to write outdated information to prove your point." Continue reading


Article fails to mention the keffiyeh's significance and importance to the Palestinian people and their allies

"When Israeli authorities banned the Palestinian flag from 1967 until the 1993 Oslo Accords, the keffiyeh became an expression of Palestinian identity. In the 60s and 70s, during the anti-war movement, students and anti-war campaigners started to adopt it. The Keffiyeh became an overarching symbol of anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism." Continue reading


Article fails to specify that Iran's attack on April 13 was in response to Israel's strike on Iranian embassy

"Shortly after Israel’s offensive attack, the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations released a statement that Iran “reserves its legitimate and inherent right under international law and the United Nations Charter to take a decisive response to such reprehensible acts”." Continue reading


Nakba marks the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, not their "mass displacement"

"I would, therefore, recommend editing the sentence to the following: 'The Nakba marks the ethnic cleansing and forced expulsion of Palestinians from their land to establish the State of Israel in 1948.' At the very least, please replace 'mass displacement' with 'forced expulsion'." Continue reading


Pourquoi votre article ne mentionne-t-il pas que deux civils ont été tués et que l'ambassade du Canada à Damas a été endommagée dans l'attaque d'Israël sur le consulat d'Iran à Damas?

"Il est dommage de lire un passage réduisant la sévérité de cette attaque au nombre de morts des membres des Gardiens de la Révolution. Non seulement le commandant de la force Al-Quods au Liban en en Syrie, Mohamed Reza Zahedi, était parmi les victimes de l’attaque d’Israël sur le consulat d'Iran à Damas, mais des civils aussi." Continue reading


Correction needed to specify that 33,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel

"When you refer to Israeli hostages, prisoners, and deaths, you clearly identify the perpetrators as Hamas. Yet, you fail to identify Israel as the perpetrator when you report that ‘33,000 Palestinians have been killed in retaliatory attacks’. I would ask that you consider adding “by Israel” to the end of that sentence." Continue reading


Brad Hunter crosses the line, violates standards

"It is Brad Hunter’s opinions that Tabassum’s hyperlinks on social media to content about this political proposal are “anti-Semitic,” and to report on this matter in such a plainly one-sided and unfair way is unacceptable according to the standards to which Postmedia publications claim to agree to through their membership with the National NewsMedia Council." Continue reading


Hamas should not be called a "terrorist" group in an article labelled as news

"Considering that most of Israel’s actions in Gaza both before and after Oct. 7 qualify as terrorism, labeling Hamas’ actions as terrorism but not Israel’s is a blatant double standard." Continue reading


Israel did not "capture" East Jerusalem, they illegally occupy it

"The term “occupy” denotes tension and a sense of contestation, which is far more appropriate. Similarly, the consistent reference to settler encroachment on Palestinian land as “contested” and not “illegal” is misleading to readers. Please make edits accordingly to maintain minimum journalistic standards." Continue reading


Article fails to explain what people are protesting about

"Perhaps it would’ve been helpful for readers to know that Scotiabank is a major investor in Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems. There has been a widespread call for a global boycott of Scotiabank for its ties to this arms company which has directly contributed to the genocide and occupation of Palestinians." Continue reading