Re: “At 75, the greatest threats to Israeli democracy are from within”

"It’s bold to suggest that Israel was ever a democracy to start with. It is highly problematic that an article on the erosion of Israel’s “democracy” fails to include how the Palestinians under Israeli control are largely excluded from said democracy."  Continue reading


Failure to include perspectives of Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups regarding medical neglect of hunger striker

"In the CBC’s brief segment, it is reported that “[Israeli] Officials say he refused medical treatment while his legal proceedings moved forward.” This is a claim which seeks to put the blame on Khader Adnan for his own death. However, the segment did not include the critical perspectives of Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups who have directly contradicted Israel’s claim." Continue reading


Radio segment highlighting an art exhibition commemorating the 1948 Nakba

"Palestinian perspectives and experiences are often silenced or deliberately left out of Canadian public discourse. By mentioning such events, you valorize the lived experiences of Canadian Palestinians and draw attention to important events like the Nakba and its ongoing impact on the Palestinian people, culture, and heritage." Continue reading


Thanks for highlighting the experiences of Palestinian refugees and the challenges of resettling in a new country

"Palestinian perspectives are often silenced or deliberately left out of Canadian public discourse, especially stories of vulnerable individuals like Islam Meghari who are resettling in a completely new environment. More importantly, the challenges that refugees and immigrants face such as job security, separation from families, language barriers, and racism and prejudice are seldom reported on or shared." Continue reading


Re: “Nier la Shoah est normal dans les pays musulmans ?”

" La lutte contre l'antisémitisme est très importante et nous devrions tous nous y efforcer. Toutefois, combattre l'antisémitisme par l'islamophobie n'est pas la voie à suivre." Continue reading


Inadequate context and problematic language in news segment about a Palestinian death

"2023 has been the deadliest for Palestinians living in the West Bank in the last two decades, where at least 80 civilians including 17 children have been killed. Palestinians have been subjected to destructive and violent rampages by illegal Israeli settlers, often resulting in the destruction of Palestinian homes, businesses, and possessions. Palestinians also endure constant raids, arrests, and violence by Israeli forces. By referring to the escalation of violence in such generalized terms, you obscure the asymmetrical nature of Israeli violence on Palestinians." Continue reading


News segment fails to mention the Nakba in coverage of Israeli "Independence day"

"The segment largely portrays Israel’s 75th anniversary as a celebration but without mentioning that it is also a day marking upheaval and tragedy for the Palestinian people. Indeed, this year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe), when Zionist forces forcibly expelled at least 700,000 Palestinians from their homes during the creation of Israel (1947-49). " Continue reading


Thanks for including the Nakba in article about Israel's memorial day

"I appreciated that your article included a reference to the Nakba. Too often media reporting neglects to tell the complete story of Israel’s creation. For Palestinian citizens of Israel, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, the creation of the state of Israel ‘was’ and ‘continues to be’ a ‘catastrophe’" Continue reading


Re: "Happy 75th Israel!"

"Obadia asserts that Palestinian citizens of Israel have “the same inalienable rights as Jews.” In fact, Israel does not have a constitution, and instead operates on a number of “basic laws.” The absence of a constitution allows Israel to employ laws that are preferential to Israeli Jews and discriminatory towards Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are restricted in every aspect of life - immigration, employment, housing, healthcare, and family reunification." Continue reading


No mention of Nakba, occupation or apartheid in article about Israel's Memorial day

"This framing presents Israel as a beleaguered country which has faced waves of violence, but fails to capture the extent to which Israel has been the aggressor power in the region. In particular, it does not mention that for the last 56-years Israel has been a belligerent occupying power over the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 (the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza), as well as the occupied Syrian Golan Heights." Continue reading