Thanks for quoting Palestinian sources about the failure of Israeli military investigations into crimes committed against Palestinians

"I am glad that you quote the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Israeli military investigations, and their failure to prosecute crimes committed against innocent Palestinian civilians, especially children." Continue reading


Failure to contextualize the Nakba and reasons that forced Palestinians to flee their homes

"For Palestinians, the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 constituted a Nakba or ‘catastrophe,’ where families were forcibly expelled from their homes to make way for Jewish immigrants coming from Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. The massacres of Palestinian villages by Zionist militias, the most well-known being the Deir Yassin, is what drove Palestinians to flee." Continue reading


Lack of context regarding Israeli military raid that resulted in the death of a Palestinian toddler

"According to Middle East Monitor, Naji Tamimi, the head of the Nabi Saleh Village Council, said that Israeli forces “locked the iron gate at the village entrance and proceeded to invade several neighbourhoods and fire live rounds at protesters.” In fact, in 2023, the occupied West Bank has become a target for the Israeli military, who have repeatedly conducted military raids into various neighbourhoods and towns. These operations often wound or kill civilians, including Palestinian children and the elderly and result in the destruction of homes." Continue reading


Omission of Palestinian sources from article about Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank

"I urge the AP to be far more skeptical of Israeli military sources when it reports on developments related to Israel-Palestine.  The Washington Post’s recent analysis of the March 16 raid in Jenin which led to the murder of 14-year-old Omar Awadin provides a case study in how Israeli military sources can provide highly misleading accounts of the actions of their forces.  So much about the current story makes the Israeli account extremely suspect, and results in the AP article likely serving as a whitewash of the actual events." Continue reading


No context provided about IHRA's impact on Palestinian solidarity and human rights

"IHRA’s definition of antisemitism serves to silence human rights organizations and pro-Palestinian activists by conflating criticism of Israel’s apartheid and settler-colonial policies with antisemitism. It has been well-documented that supporters of IHRA routinely denounce various forms of non-violent and political expression such as boycott campaigns or protests, suppressing legitimate concerns raised by students, professors, activists, human rights and civil rights organizations, and humanitarian groups. The adoption of IHRA by schools and universities is not an “educational tool” but a threat to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, academia and most importantly, social justice and human rights." Continue reading


Thanks for shedding light on Palestinian-Canadian rapper and producer Belly and his music career

"I really appreciate that you brought attention to Belly, being one of many talented Palestinian Canadians. It is important for Canadian audiences to hear and read about the stories of immigrants from diverse backgrounds." Continue reading


False, inflammatory remarks made about Roger Waters during CJAD radio segment

"The controversy to which you refer surrounding the inflatable pig occurred a decade ago, in 2013, at a concert in Belgium, not at the most recent concert in Berlin. Images from the 2023 Berlin concert confirm that the inflatable pig did not have a Star of David. It should be noted that the 2013 pig relates to Pink Floyd’s album “Animals,” which features an inflatable pig in the sky on the cover and included three different songs with “Pigs” in the title – including “Pigs on the Wing.”" Continue reading


Article claims use of human shields in Gaza without evidence in the National Post

"Fegelman cites a Jerusalem Post article that does not back his claim, that 1,500 rockets were fired by PIJ militants “while hiding behind Palestinian civilians.” The sentence in question is written in such a way that one should interpret it as meaning that specifically 1,500 rockets were fired from positions that were “behind Palestinian civilians.”" Continue reading


Missing context regarding West Bank shooting of Israeli settler

"Your news article claims that the Israeli killed has been identified as 'Meir Tamari, a 32-year-old resident of the settlement.' However, your headline identifies Tamari as a 'civilian' rather than a 'settler.' It is important that your headline correctly identifies Tamari as a 'settler' in order to place the attack by Palestinian gunmen within the context of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank." Continue reading


Failure to provide important context on Israeli efforts to expand control over East Jerusalem

"The Tower of David Museum sits atop an ancient citadel which had a dome and crescent that were removed by the Israeli Antiquities Authority. According to Middle East Monitor, the $50 million renovation of the citadel resulted in “wiping out all Islamic features which confirm its Islamic identity.” This destruction of historic constructions dating back to the Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman dynasties demonstrates the efforts to demographically alter Jerusalem and solidify an Israeli narrative that is contradictory to history." Continue reading