Teotonio's article on TDSB vote failed her readers

"The job of a journalist is not just to quote what people say, but to evaluate what they say in light of objective truth. In this case, Teotonio needed to grapple with the question, “Does raising concerns about one type of discrimination automatically create another type of discrimination.”  Or more specifically in this case, is there anything in the concern about APR which is justified?  Teotonio failed in her obligation to readers." Continue reading


Pro-Palestine and Muslim perspectives buried till the end of the article

"There is nothing “violent” in this peaceful ritual. CBC’s choice to (i) open the article with Levant’s quote, “they're worried about violence and they have every right to be” and (ii) give undue prominence in the entire first half of the article to the owner of Rebel News Network despite his involvement in this Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian incident AND without adding a Muslim or Palestinian perspective perpetuates misconceptions about Islam and unfairly associates peaceful religious acts with unwarranted fear." Continue reading


CityNews Montreal The Student Encampment is Not a Terrorist Organization

"The treatment of the image in the article is unfair. Your reporting lacks contextsurrounding the image used by SPHR for their Youth Summer Program is glaring. Theimage in question is a historical photograph of a colonized people learning about thecolonial struggles of others, which has circulated in pro-Palestine spaces for years. At thevery least you can contextualize the ad by stating the original image is of a group ofPalestinian Resistance fighters reading copies of 'Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong'in 1970." Continue reading


Softball article on Windsor Jewish Film Festival by the CBC should have included a diversity of viewpoints

"Journalists are expected to do more than just interview the proponents of a news development.  They are expected to seek alternative views, especially when it comes to something as emotional and intense as Palestine-Israel.  In this respect, Mr. Chen has fallen short in his professional obligations as a journalist." Continue reading


Nakba Denial Aired on 610 CKTB (Niagara's NewsTalk)

"Jon Mark must be held accountable for his role in allowing such racist and harmful content to be broadcasted without challenge. I question Mr. Mark’s journalistic integrity into question as at no point does he challenge the misinformation that Ms. Kurtz spews which crosses numerous lines of hatred." Continue reading


Need to revise language in article about protest outside MP Bryan May's office

"Ultimately, Israel has been committing a terrible offense to humanity these past eight months in Gaza, resulting in massive demonstrations around the world.  The protestors outside May’s office are yet one more example.  Please do not whitewash Israel’s criminal brutality in your coverage." Continue reading


Letter to the Editor: Re: I protested in the '60s; what I see today is different

"Gerald Batit expresses frustration that none of the pro-Palestinian encampment protestors at McGill would engage in conversation with him. While his argument appears to champion free speech, his stance misses the forest for the trees. In calling for a fair and open debate while sitting on a bench with an Israeli flag, he is ignoring the serious concerns faced by pro-Palestine demonstrators if they engage." Continue reading


Inaccurate paraphrasing of the Manitoba Islamic Association by the CBC

"To paraphrase “genocide against Palestinians” as “the war in Gaza” is to substantively misrepresent the Manitoba Islamic Association’s statement. There is a chasm of difference between war on one hand and genocide on the other. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide states that genocide is a crime that can be “committed in time of peace or in time of war.” As the Convention lays out, on a definitional level, genocide is entirely distinct from “war.” This is not only the case in the context of international law but also in ordinary language. War and genocide are not synonyms that can simply be substituted in for each other. In the context of this article, the distinction is hugely important. Given that this misrepresentation deals with the momentous mental health impact that the ongoing genocide in Gaza has on people, especially Palestinians and Muslims, such a difference in the perception of an event is essential." Continue reading


Dissatisfaction with CBC's responses to our anti-Palestinian racism bias complaints

"How do these facts not justify the CBC using the phrase anti-Palestinian racism? Unless there is a double standard at play, it seems inarguable that using the language of anti-Palestinian racism is not only justified, but essential for readers to clearly understand the nature of this incident. The police clearly identified this as an investigation into an anti-Palestinian hate crime."   Continue reading


Israel is not "fighting" in Gaza, it "occupies" it

"This blockade on both goods and people has strangled Gaza’s economy and collectively punished Palestinians living in Gaza. For this reason, many human rights NGO’s have referred to Gaza as an 'open-air prison.'" Continue reading